Beer Keg Dolly Products

Beer Keg Dolly - Series Spacer

Series Spacer

Eliminates the need for keg shelving. Safely stacks two kegs of beer with the ability to tap each one. Frees up space in your cooler allowing the capability to add more brands. It organizes your storage with less handling.

$30.00 - Product Details

300 x 175 dolly

The Original Beer Keg Dolly

Ability to move kegs of beer with very little effort. Used with the Series Stacker this dolly can hold two full kegs while both are fully operational. Makes your walk in easy to clean.  It’s 5 wheel design provides advanced stability compared to other dollies.

$39.00 - Product Details

300 x 175 spacer

Storage Spacer

Keg storage! The best way to store and organize your empty kegs. Greatly organizes your walk in area or storage roof. A safe and dependable way to stack 1/2 and 1/4 barrels vertically. Frees up space in your walk in cooler (Keg not included)

$25.00 - Product Details

Beer and Soda case dolly
The Versatile Cart-A-Case

The most versatile dolly you will ever own! This 10.5″ X 15.5″ dolly safely and efficiently stacks beer and soda cases. With a 5th wheel in the center this dolly can handle anything your crew can throw at it during your busiest times.  (Coors Light & Corona cases not included)

$35.00 - Product Details

Pony Keg dolly
Slim Keg Dolly

This 12″ slim keg dolly is built with the same tough standards as our Original Beer Keg Dolly. Full or empty kegs are easily moved about your walk-in cooler for cleaning and making room for incoming product.  (Keg not included)

$25.00 - Product Details

5 gallon bucket dolly

5-Gallon Bucket Dolly

This 12″ dolly is perfect for those 5-gallon buckets that end up with miscellaneous parts. This dolly can hold up to 200 lbs. and is easy to move with its industrial strength wheels. (5-gallon bucket not included)

$25.00 - Product Details

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Beer Keg Dolly products are designed to help organize organize your walk-in cooler and storage areas. The Beer Keg Dolly products replace expensive keg shelving while adding keg mobility. These products are manufactured in the USA and are constructed from high density polyethylene. These products designed for beer kegs are your solution!

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